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Earned Media, Producing Content and Social Media

Our team of experts understand the power of earned media, which is still the most trusted source of information across the world.

In 2013, a Nielsen study found that earned media is the most trusted source of information worldwide and the channel most likely to stimulate the consumer to action, even more powerful than paid advertising. With that in mind, our work was centered on dominating the narrative in the media.

We have expertise in placing a wide range of messages in platforms, including mass media outlets, such as newspapers, television, radio, and the Internet. 

Introducing Silver  Media package:

We will deliver any combination of the following 3 per month:

Services that can be provided in English and Spanish without extra charge as long as the particular service in each language has no separate requirements. If a campaign requires specific targeting of certain demographics, then it would count as two separate strategies:

  • Event coverage (creation of a press release if needed, distribution of the press release to media, media placement)

  • Targeted and personalized pitching of an event to reporters, urging reporters to cover the event

  • Recording of an event with high quality equipment, ready for TV use

  • Social media campaign, there is a variety of options, content creation, approaching target audience,  etc.

Services available in either Spanish or English:

      (If required to do in both languages, then each would count for deliverable for that month).

  • Editing and creating a powerful video with professional graphics, ready to use on any website, or any social media platform  

  • Story about your business/organization on TV (we will create a concept, pitch it to a specific media outlet and see it through all the way to the release in media)

  • Story or op-ed article in a newspaper/magazine, written and placed

  • Radio interview/appearance

  • Creating a concept and producing radio PSA (Public Service Announcement) 

  • Media coaching to prepare for radio or TV interviews, one-on-one, or group training, usually 1,5-2 hours (usually needed only once at the  beginning, and then train new people upon hiring them).  

We also provide:

  • Professional translation (from English to Spanish) of any existing material (limit 5 pages), keeping in mind the cultural differences as well as specifics of the local  state and issues of the Hispanic community. 

Final Report:

At the end of services rendered NReal Media will provide a full media report that will include:

  • Total audience reached 

  • Total publicity dollar value 

  • Total media hits

  • Media links

Media Buys

Ask us about the Silver media promotion, other packages or custom quote for your needs. 

Our strategies are effective and affordable. If you are in business, you can't afford not to have us. 

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